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10 000+ followers

House, Jackin' House, Piano House, Tech House, Funky & Disco House

mood: feel good, funky, groove

The Lion's Street Artwork light.jpg


Tech House, Bass House, G-House

mood: hard, club, groove, bass

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2 000+ followers

Deep House, Nu Disco, House, slower Tech House and Funky House

mood: deep, soulful, classy

The Lion's Spaceship Artwork light.jpg


Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House

mood: melodic, dark, dreamy

In order to make sure that artists, labels, managers and promoters really believe in the music they send and know it fits my playlists (quality over quantity), submissions now have to be made via PayPal donation.

It is also due to the great amount of submissions I receive and the time and efforts I spend listening to it and developing the playlists.


That said, you can donate as few as $0.01

Be sure you put your Spotify link and email address in the "add note" section below the amount.

I will answer within 2 days with a detailed feedback for donations above $0.99

The donations will help me develop the playlists, create new ones but also start new content on other media in order to promote the great music I receive !